The JANIER House

The Janier's business is all about commercialising farm products and crafts, mostly from raw milk coming from France, which is added a range of Swiss, Dutch, Italian and English cheeses. One motto: Excellence by the requirement of the origin...

In total, there are more than 160 references covering all beef, sheep and goats production not to mention buffalo milk which is included into the composition of the famous : Mozarella di Buffala. Everything is made in order to get an unique product and taste. Therefore, we are establishing a really strict specifications with our producers.

Another essential factor in our strategy is the respect of nature. Productsin our business are treated gently and with respect. For example, all goats cheeses are unpacked and placed under straw, returned whenever it's necessary, because at the end, it's the product that needs to be well treated not the contrary.

Our numerous wineries allow us to consider a specific and appropriate refining for each different products families. Some cheeses can stay with our walls more than 15 months... Our customers are composed exclusively of experts wishing to offer a tray full of rich and varied cheeses.

Christian Janier